Saturday, May 5, 2012


As I sit here today in my house
with POURING rain outside, it's quiet and dark
I am reminded of LAST SATURDAY
and start to hyperventilate

yup, we were workin' the land (as they say here in the country)

We are re-doing our front gate, so had 3 major Holes to dig for the BIG posts
Well, due to this handy dandy world we live in
we don't have to "dig" the holes
We use this sucker

Its an Auger, that's attached to the tractor
 does all the work for you
You position it to where you want the hole dug, turn the switch
and it spins round and round digging down into the ground.

Only thing is, You do NOT want to get in the way of it
while it is spinning

Which, THIS DAY, Mr. Gorgeous did
after having worked this sucker 1000's of times
the 1001'th time, it snagged him
He was wearing gloves (which he doesn't usually do when using this machine)

and the glove got caught in this here bolt

not exactly sure which one of these bolts,
they aren't talking

and the next thing I knew Hubby was off his feet spinning
like  jeans in a wash cycle
round and round with that damn auger

I couldn't believe my eyes !!!!
and the worst part, I had NO CLUE what to do

I remember screaming to him "what do I do"
(note to self.....if you are going to be a country girl, better learn how to operate the equipment,  or high heel your toosh  back to the city)

After about 3 good times around, he was thrown onto the ground
BECAUSE his arm snapped
that actually was what "released" the resistance and force that had him hanging on the auger
When his hand and arm went limp from the break....there was no more resistance
and off he went

Mr. Gorgeous say's ...."my arm is broken"
No crap cowboy....I can soooo see that
"that's what I was thinking in my calm hysterical state of mind
(I know, You can't have calm and hysterical at the same time)

and when I get hysterical, scarred, upset
it is very lady like..........NOT
I don't actually "throw up".....just sounds like I'm about to heave all my grits up on the spot

Hubby is very calm however, and tells me in no uncertain terms
he had to instruct my sorry self how to turn off the tractor
then when I returned to him and saw the big gash in his arm
and some bone, I REALLY got  uncalm

"Get to the house and call 911..."
"do you remember our gate# and Range Road??"...he asks
yeah, yeah, yeah....I reply between dry heaves

While talking to dispatch on the phone
(she asks, are you going to throw up?)
NAH, these are just my nervous noises

She asks, "where is your husband  now"
then I look out the window and What is my X-Firefighter maucho cowboy doing
Walking down the freaking road to the house, holding his arm

at the very end of this road is where we were working
and here comes "bloody bones" hoofing himself to the house

Long story short
dispatch kept giving me instructions
as well as a calm, but very Pale Mr. Gorgeous
kept giving me instructions
until the EMT's got here

They dosed him up with morphine and off to the big city
they took him for needed surgery

He had a compound fracture, fixed up with 2 pins and 12 screws
I told him he was pretty fortunate
how many cowboys get screwed 12 times in one day??
(sorry, couldn't resist)

I did an awful lot of walking up and down these hospital corridors

and he was fortunate to have a Window With A View

and I had to put this in here for some of you warm weather living friends of mine

these are plug in's.....for in the winter
when it's so cold you need to plug in your car
so it doesn't freeze ...I don't know, the battery or some other cold sensitive car part

Now we are home, he is doing fine actually
our chores for this summer are put on hold for now
Plan B in place
except I didn't HAVE a Plan B

Other then for me to perhaps take a Defensive Farming Class

Mr. Gorgeous FORBID me to put up any photos of his bruising
all down his one side, colorful as the northern lights I'd say can he forbid me, obviously he does not
understand Bloggers ALWAYS put up all KINDS of photos

So I am sneaking in this one itty bitty picture

It is a lot more purple right now
gosh, I wish you could see his side...I know, I promised

All in all, it was a frightening experience
People have LOST THEIR ARMS on this machine
Totally ripped off
We were LUCKY

So there you have it, That's my

made me think of this scripture in Psalms:139
in part....."Thou knowest my downsitting and mine rising"
I think this day....HE included and thy twirling

just saying


Dixie Mom said...

I almost passed out reading this.
I am terrified of farm equipment and now doubly so.
I can't get over how calm he was...
Oh, I gotta go....
I think I'm going to be sick.

Kristin said...

Yowsers Wendy! What a day that was for you. I'm glad you can calmly blog about it now, without dry heaving. Good luck on the recovery, and maybe you should just come to Utah for the summer.

Deb Colarossi said...

I can't fathom the shock of seeing it happen.
I hope in some strange way , helping you , helped him you know?
Sending healing vibes and prayers . For both of you.

Pondside said...

Oh boy - that is one terrible story with the sort of ending that leaves me thinking that there were angels watching over your fella!
I think you're going to have a pretty quiet summer - other than the farm equipment course, that is!

Loralee and the gang... said...

That is sooo scary! He IS very lucky. Would probably do your nerves good to take that defensive farming course you mentioned. Wow. I would have puked for sure if I started heaving.

Mimi Sue said...

Oh my! So glad it wasn't any worse than it is. I too wish I could go back and do a few things over. Mostly I would try to enjoy every minute when my kids were home and not be so stressed and 'busy' all the time. I'd like my 30 year old body back too! Mimi

susette said...

Oh my goodness that is an insane and wild story! I'm so glad he could get the help he needed right away. Your reactions remind me of how I handled an accident my husband had with a power tool and his leg. (over 50 stitches later-not pretty) It certainly is not a fun situation to watch your loved one having a predicament and feeling panicked and not knowing what to do.

The Gathering Place said...

I'm glad your husband is ok. That could have been much worse. We must be sisters on the nausea thing. I even hear someone moaning and I can get sick! Good luck coming up with plan B.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

WENDY MY DEAR!!!!!!! I was just weak in the knees as I was reading this, this CITY WOMAN OVER HERE!!!!! OH DEAREST YOU WERE BOTH LUCKY he is ALRIGHT!!! Oh dear I would have fainted or screamed or....I DON'T KNOW! GOD BLESS YOU BOTH !!!


You sweet thing came to see me and all I have is a pathetic header (PICNIK IS NOW DEFUNCT!) and I cannot figure out how to use other collage makers!

Do come back tomorrow as I hope to get a post up later. You are too too kind!

BIG HUGS TO YOU and wow are you lucky to have that GORGEOUS man in one piece!!!! Anita

joanne said...

I was making those puking noises reading this, imagine how I act during my own emergencies...the real thing puking. Awww, I am so glad that he is still attached to his arm and that it will mend eventually. Talk about a sight, poor guy. Blessings to you both as the healing begins and the pain lessens, may he make a full recovery. Wendy, stay away from the farm equipment!

Maura @ Lilac Lane Cottage said...

OMG!!! Wendy what a terrible thing to happen to your makes my innards do funny things just picturing it! I would have panicked too especially when I saw the bone..geeeez. That's exactly what we were using last Saturday and auger to put the posts in for our round pen. My brother in law was running the tractor and auger and when the auger got low enough hubby would stand on it and try and get it to go deeper. I remember thinking ..."what if he slipped and it caught his pant leg"!! Thank heavens it didn't but I just read this post to him and showed him the pictures so I hope he thinks twice about doing that again next time. Ya right. You know how men are ;) My hubby wasn't wearing gloves...but he was wearing pants ;) Dry- retching...I can just picture you...poor girl. Hope your hubby recovers quickly. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. Maura :)

Georgia said...

What an absolutely terrifying experience, Wendy! How blessed you and Mr. Gorgeous were to come out of such an ordeal in the shape you did.

My heart was just hammering like crazy while I was reading this. I'm glad I was here alone because I found myself squeaking and squealing as I read further details! Yikes!

Even with all the dry heaving, I think you were pretty didn't pass out, you had the where-with-all to make the call and get help there. I'm proud of you!!

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Mr. Gorgeous!

Valerie said...

So scary! Glad his injuries weren't any worse.
And your recounting of the incident is hilarious, by the way. It's always good when we can look back & laugh, right?
I used to gag when I would get really I know exactly what you are talking about...It's. Not. Pretty! :)

Nancy said...

I'm sorry this happened and I can understand your near hysteria. Great that it wasn't worse, really.

tammy said...

I know that hysterical calm, the having to call 911, the wondering if you can do what you need to do...

So glad someone was watching over him that day.

Kristina P. said...

Oh my gosh! I didn't realize what had happened! How scary.

I have learned that I would probably act the same. I've always hoped I would be calm and stoic in a medical emergency, and like at work, or with strangers, I can be. But not with loved ones.

So glad he's OK!

springrose said...

How very scary!!! I think the worst part for me would have been seeing him spinning around and not knowing how to stop it. Injuries I can handle, but not loose teeth or just pulled out teeth. Make me taste blood in my mouth. My neighbor always comes to get me or calls me when injuries happen at her house so I can tell her what to do or handle the situation. You are both so lucky!

SherilinR said...

oh my gosh, how scary! i'm so glad it was broken and not taken off. i did lol when i read about your "nervous noise". totally understandable, i think!

Connie said...

This truly is a nightmare of a story! I can't believe how calm he was and that he stayed conscious! Interesting how our lives can be put on hold and we just muddle through the best we can.
BTW, what is Plan B?

Saimi said...

Holy COWgirl you can sure tell a story! I seriously can't believe how lucky Your Mr. Gorgeous is, WOW unbelievable!

So, so glad he didn't lose his arm.

I have to add that you made me laugh out loud when I read the getting screwed 12 times..HA too funny!!

Andrea SunnyDays said...

Well, it's never DULL in the country is it?


I don't even wanna think about flesh and blood and yuck. I hope you are both okay, and that he shares his pain meds with ya, you earned 'em!

Chris said...

So sorry! Obviously, he's a tough guy. No wonder you're crazy about him. Take good care of him, and learn how to drive that tractor. But not until he's better, in case he has to chase you down.

dbs said...

Whoa. This could have been a lot worse. Your abundant humour will heal him up quickly.
(P.S. loved the photo of the vehicle plug-in)

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I think I dry heaved a little for you! What a horrible experience to watch happen before your eyes. I can totally relate on how helpless you must have felt. Hope the healing is quick and painless!

" Hit It......." said...

Oh my heck, I would have freaked out too. I am so glad that his injury's weren't worse.

I hope you both have a very peaceful week.

btw - I love your comment about cowboys being screwed more than 12 times in one day. At least you have your sense of humor. ha ha

Tina said...

Oh, I must be a horrible person, I laughed all the way through this post . . . even before you started joking around. But that is what I do . . . instead of dry heaving, I'da been cackling like an insane woman talking to 911 dispatch.

GEE WILIKERS, I'm glad he is okay.

I grew up on a farm and knew men who had lost their arms and fingers in accidents. Your guy was L.U.C.K.Y

Glad he is well and on the mend (and you too).

mCat said...


He is one lucky cowboy! I can't even believe he was WALKING BACK DOWN THE ROAD! He's lucky he didn't pass out face flat on the dirt!

And I DO think you can have calm and hysterical at once. Been there. Done that.

Hoping for a quick healing!

Garden of Egan said...

OH MY HELL!!!!!!
Yes, farmers loose limbs and life in those pieces of equipment every day.
I've been witness to some of that and I'm tellin' ya right now I want to kick Barry's butt! Don't scare us like that!

I'm so thankful that he's ok!

If he can smile like that while he's all bandaged up, then it's all good.

Love you Wendy. Glad you were able to keep your calm. Not everyone gets screwed 12 times. All in one day! Awesome.

Becky said...

Wow. I'm a little speechless reading this -- that sounds so intense! Your humor and writing is amazing inspite of all that :). Wishing him a speedy recovery.

Shelia said...

Oh, my Lord! This was awful! Your Mr. Gorgeous could have lost his arm! But I'm glad he got all fixed up and you'll have to be the nursie now! ;)
You are so funny. I shouldn't have giggled out loud those few times, but you made me! :)
Be a sweetie,
shelia ;)

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

OH DEAR, how is Mr. Gorgeous doing? This has to still be so painful Dearest!!!!

THANK YOU MY FRIEND for coming to visit me! You ask why my mom never made it to my graduation? She died.

I moved away to Boston, Massachusetts with my husband and 10 months later, both here and my father died of cancer. She never got to know that I had done what she never did: go to college and get multiple degrees and become a teacher.

Like you mentioned about feeling your heart beat quickly while reading the post (THANK YOU SO MUCH), so was mine fluttering as I composed it. To me, this is a rare moment in writing AND in reading a poem, because it is alive. Writing is a sacred thing where you are only the vessel, with skills to be able to carry through the task, but the SPIRIT is what moves and motivates the writer. It means a lot to me that it meant something to you.

You are in your children and vice versa. And the legacy goes on, in the wind, to give the divine message that


Have a lovely day. Anita

Anonymous said...

Serious scary stuff! Glad your Mr. Gorgeous is going to be OK, Wendy!!!

Deborah said...

Holy Sh.........!!!!!!!!!!1

I just picked myself up off the floor. I don't know how you did it girl! By the way...I have the same problem...dry heaves.

Thank the Lord he came out of this with injuries that he will recover from.


Anonymous said...

He sure was watched over indeed..O my you had me laughing at this experience. It reminded me how I might have reacted too... O my goodness what an experience you both had..God bless your sweetheart in his you need some of your dear friends to show up and finish up the work!

Kazzy said...

Holy smokes!!! That sounded so scary! But then, I admit, I laughed at your dry heaving. Am I am a bad person?

Travis & Leslie Doman said...

Still can't believe that happened!!!! WOW!!! Glad he is ok and didn't lose any limbs since you have already lost your!!!

koralee said...

Oh dear my glad all turned out ok other than the fact he has to take it easy for a while. I think I would panic as well.
Hugs and prayers to you both. xoxoxo

Shelia said...

Hi Wendy! Hope your hubby is recovering well and you're being a great nursie pooh! ;)
Thanks for popping in to see me and Happy Mother's Day,
Shelia ;)

GardenofDaisies said...

Oh my gosh!! OUCH! I hurt just reading this post, can't imagine the pain he must have been in. Lucky he didn't lose his arm. You guys and gals that live on farms are in harms way every day... Have you ever read "Window on the Prairie" ? Her account of how a new mother cow attacked her husband had me scared. I am such a city girl, I wouldn't have the faintest idea what to do. Even so, I'm always wishing I could move out of town. (Just an acre so I could have a real garden.)

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

My goodness! The trouble you get into when I'm away! I am so glad everything turned out alright!!!!

DesertHen said...

Holy (insert bleep here)! Wow! I've been there, done that with my hubby when he tore off the top half of his left foot back in the late 90's! UGH! Horrible feeling! Damn farm equipment! Glad all turned out well and the healing process has begun!