Sunday, August 19, 2012


Yes I told you there would be a part two
so you know what your are in for if you stay here
More fun
Cause ME and my Peeps
of the family kind
are nothing but FUN

come visit me.........Find out for Yourself !!

Let's see
where to start after we stayed at My place for 6 days
we headed south
to Southern Alberta
so we could see my folks and sister
(we stayed at my sisters house)
also there was the Yearly Family Reunion to attend
(gotta love a family reunion to re-affirm the nut tree you come from)

It was POURING when we got to Beazer
(that's about 20 miles from Waterton National Park)

But no rain will spoil Our Fun

My sister had these funny umbrella hats on hand

My parents (great grandma and grandpa) had a freezer full
of Rolo Ice cream
You Yankees can't get that down there (so I've heard)
and it is a favorite of my DIL'S
so when my kids come up we buy a HUGE BARREL of it
Yup.....I said Barrel
and every evening after supper
(we say supper up here in Canada...there is breakky, dinner and supper)

We'd head over to my parents house
Line up....and fill up ice cream cones

(yeah, it was not healthy for my hips eating this, they are in jeopardy of becoming a little Rolo)

The Reunion was fun as always
you know, the usual
wiener and marshmallow roasts
jokes and teasing
a few insults for good measure to keep us honest
sometimes the games did not go well for a few

The kids had fun running around in the fields
and playing on the hay stacks

(I guess Gracey is still a little miffed from the game)

One of the Favorite things for the kids to do when they visit
is go to the BARN DANCE

It really is a lot of fun
some real good two steppin' and line dancin'

(me and Gracey boot skoot boogin)

a little line dancing with my cousin

seriously ---so stinking much fun

The Creek is always a fun place to hang out at
(I have been swimming this creek since I could walk)
and have been known to do a little skinny dipping as well

a favorite is to use the rope and jump off the rocks

Miss Olivia says you have to be BRAVE to do it

Or perhaps you just want to do some floating

(K-doll......aka Sue Ellen Ewing (if your read my last post)

Hiking......lots of that
you don't come to the country and mountains
and not hike

(so pretty.........the Scenery Too)

We always go to Waterton Falls

(DIL and her kiddies)

(My daughter and her gals)

(looks like a little too much Rolo around the waist)


This is a fun place to go
as you can go for quite a long ways following this creek
through the Canyon

There are some Deep parts as well as the shallow parts
Miss Olivia always ready to try the more daring places
there were some really slippery places is pretty up there

Lastly....we had our Ceremonial Indian Night
(or to be politically correct, the American Native night..or in Canada, First Nations)

We all gather around the bonfire
I smoke a little drift wood version of the peace pipe
(visual and a niece from a few years ago)


as I direct the smoke towards their head
each person is given their new Indian Name for the Year
and their Animal Names

Example: (for the benefit of my family members reading this)
Olivia was...FAWN and Rainbow Fish
Grace was....Thunder Cloud and Wild Stallion
Kendra was...Morning Glory and Blue Bird
Tristan....was Lightening Warrior and Happy Wolf


(as a side note...SOME of you have heard this before
but since I am on my Third Marriage ....don't judge LONG STORY

After the Ceremony which also consisted of some Indian Chants
and Dances (oh yeah, I know how to do THAT)

the kids have to run around the Barn, scantily clothed
we made a little loin cloth for Tristan

We even attended a REAL POW WOW

There was a part where they invited all spectators to join them
on the grounds and dance around with them

Of course we had to join them
(even though we'd already been there done that)

(my daughter, grand daughter and sister)

It was All Pretty Amazing actually

So...there  you have it
A vacation wrapped up
Everyone gone back home
and me.....
I'll be sitting in my own teepee through a cold winter
Perhaps "warming some buffalo robes"


dbs said...

Barn dancing is indeed a blast. My first nation name might be Eats too much Ice Cream.

Castles Crowns and Cottages said...

Ahhhh....this was fabulous. I mean, from the barn dance, the creek swimming and tubing, the ROLO (we can get the candies, but not the ice cream!) and all the games my dear. These really are what summer family get-togethers are all about. Oh how I wish I could go back to those moments in childhood when the feeling of the splashing water, the horse back rides and the MEXICAN FOOD my family would make....but it is all gone, only re-lived in memory. Your grands will do the same one day. YOU LOOK FABULOUS! Your hips are just fine. IT'S MY HIPS THAT CAN'T HANDLE THE EXTRA GOODIES....I will NEVER show my hips....EVER! You are beautiful.

Teehee....I love the BUFFALO ROBES NAME!!!! Well, what are ya gonna do....such is life! But you have a wonderful family and a great heart my dear. Oh Canada is STUNNING! I must get there ONE DAY!

Thank you for coming to invite me; I thoroughly ENJOYED EVERY WORD AND PHOTO!!!! Anita

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

woohoowoo-woo-oo...that's me joining in on the native dancing! Looks like a blast! Are you sure that was "wood" you were smoking, lol. Cathy

mCat said...

Looks like a dang fun vacation!

PS - love DIL's hat.... : )

Dixie Mom said...

Oh man...that is a beautiful place and some beautiful grandkids you've got going there. I'm so glad you'll have those warm memories to get you through the long winter!

Saimi said...

You guys have so much FUN!! What a great family!!!

" Hit It......." said...

Your DIL is becoming one of my faves. I love the name they dubbed you with. At least everyone has a sense of humor.

The scenery is gorgeous. Your reunions are a lot more fun than ours (i.e. typical Mormon ones at the park). Your grand kids will never forget the fun times they had.

Kristina P. said...

You have such beautiful girls in your family!

The Gathering Place said...

You sure know how to have fun! Looks like the perfect vacation. Beautiful mountains! I bet you will miss your family.

Garden of Egan said...

What a vacation!!! Everything is so beautiful up there! My goodness how do you stand it?

I love all the adventures you had. The one with the with your daughter and DIL sitting on the picnic table is beautiful. Gorgeous scenery.

I love the Indian names! Now I am thinking of all the people I know and coming up with funny names for them.

Oh, and can you mail me some rolo ice cream? YUM!!!

Mimi Sue said...

Looks like so much fun! Especially the Rolo ice cream part. Mimi

joanne said...

warming some buffalo robes...hey, send me some of that ice cream. That's it, I'm moving to Alberta! Sounds like a rockin' time...;j

Georgia said...

What fabulous memories you made for those darling grandchildren. These days of wonder will live on in them and help form the adults they will be and how they will treat their own children and grandchildren and even affect generations to come.

You live in a gorgeous part of the world, Wendy. I hope you love the rest of your summer (the more quiet and sedate parts now that the family reunions are over for another year).

corrie said...

Such a great time! Love it all!

Kazzy said...

I would say that little sad-faced cutie looks like her grandma! So glad you had some family time. That will get you all powered up for the coming months.

Melinda said...

When I was a little girl, my Indian name was Ki-ri-ki--it meant bright eyes. :)

And uh, next time let me know the place and time and I'll sneak up and pretend I'm part of your family; looks like waaaaaay too much fun to miss out on!

Anonymous said...

You really know how to have fun! Cute, cute kids!!! :)

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good morning Wendy, My friend Bobbie is back in LA this morning and I am a free (not loose) woman once again. It felt good to wake up this morning and get on my computer. My friend barely writes emails. Thus, staying on my computer with her here would be rude. sigh!!!

Boy, you and your peeps had a wonderful time together. A special family creating special memories to last a lifetime. It is wonderful to read all about your fun times together. You are right, it is beautiful there... around the waterfalls especially.

I will be smiling all day thinking about you and your beautiful family enjoying the most wonderful vacation ever. Thank you for sharing your good times and making my day. Your photos are treasures and the wood???. For the question on one of your comments... I will verify it IS wood. HA! Now go and warm Mr. Wonderful's buffalo robe.

Jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Oops, I forgot to tell you how much I love you my dear sista friend. I have to add, your happiness makes me sooooooo happy too.

Jeanne xoxoxo

Faith, Trust and Pixie Dust said...

Great photos. {Love those umbrella hats!} In my next life, I want to come back as your granddaughter.

Warmly, Michelle

Ann Marie said...

I want to jump in that water.
And I want Rolo icecream now.

Love all of the pictures.

H.K. said...

Now that is what I call a fun family reunion! Your family knows how to have a great time & I still crack up over your Indian least you always stay warm!

Anonymous said...

I say - Yes, indeedy - I want to come for a visit - a real face to face and see you beautiful place visit!
I could use some real fun too - wink!
Super enjoyable to read about all your activities.. Buffalo Robes - now that's to funny! LOVE it!

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Oh my goodness you captured it all! I love summers full of family fun and gorgeousness. I love your hilarious take on everything too, oh Warm Many Robes! :o)

tammy said...

You know how to have a good time. My Connor would be all over that stream and exploring. The barn dancing, not so much, but I would be! I would live in a barn if I could.

A Vintage Chic said...

LOVED this, Wendy! Every little bit of it!

I think my favorite part, though, is your very special Indian name--fabulous!!!

Wishing you a wonderful day, my friend!


Julie Harward said...

I just knew you were a buffalo robe warmer! LOL That is so cute that you do all the Indian stuff! I have never had Rolo..maybe that is a good thing because my orange Sherbet keeps me plenty fluffy! I always love your visits and comments...and you! ;)

Shelia said...

Hi Wendy cutie! Oh, I want to be part of your family! What fun y'all must have had! Love all of the snaps of the fun times. Again, you're just so cute! :)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

nitebyrd said...

WOW! Just WOW! What a beautiful area you live in, around, near! Your family are all gorgeous!

Looks like everyone had a wonderful vacation. I mean, who wouldn't with ROLO ICE CREAM!!!

Pondside said...

What a great holiday everyone had. How long will it take you to recover? :)
Seriously, I loved this! I'm longing for my two little guys to be old enough to come visit for a summer. My favourite ice cream = Salted Caramel....yummy!

~CC Catherine said...

Awe...Wendy...this post was absolutely SO FUN to catch up on and get to participate in some way your lovely vacation with your family coming to your "NECK" of the woods! ;) What a precious time you all had...and your little grandchildren made memories that will last them forever. LOVED it all! The pics you took were totally fab...and I especially loved seeing you smoking that drift wood! ;) I could smell it too! lol xoxo Love you kiddo! xoxo

C'est moi Claudette said...

Why do I come sit at my desktop and find out that I never commented on your posts??? I never sit here anymore, now that I have my iPad, which doesn't give me all the same features as sitting here.
You know I've looked at these pics, saw and talked about all the fun you had with your kiddos and especially at your mom and dad's home. What a freaking adventure. I remember last year you telling me about your Indian names. Now to see them dancing around in their gear!!! WOW Wendy. Very cool. I bet those kids will cherish and remember all the sweet things you do with them in Canada. We do have some cool things to do here don't we? When we want to anyway : ) except for those cold winter days
DId I miss any other posts??? I hope not, cuz you know I love visiting you. I'm thinking about how to start my "journey" page on fb. Back to the drawing board.
Love You BGF.

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