Monday, March 18, 2013


I just finished reading this really Cute, Lovable book
Seriously, darling gave me my inspiration for this post
hang with me here
To put it in a nutshell
it is about a very old lady, quite eccentric, but a LOVER OF LIFE
She'd say the craziest things and affected so many people
In part of the story she is talking about her LOVE OF THOMAS EDISON
a friend of hers (story character Elna) tells this story:
She loved electricity and appreciated it more than anyone he had ever met before.
She wanted to meet Thomas Edison. She wanted to shake his hand and had a picture of him in her house.
She was upset that there was not a national holiday for Thomas Edison.
Why He lit the entire world!!  (she said) Just think, without old Tom Edison we would all still be sitting in the dark, no lights, no radio, no electric garage door openers. I think, after the Lord, of course, I'd rank him number two, that's how highly I think of old Tom.
She said...that even though they did not have a national holiday, she personally celebrated his birthday every year by turning on all her electrical appliances at once and leaving them on all day.
If you could pick someone you wanted a holiday, celebration
named after
who would YOU pick
There are lots of holidays out there
Presidents Day
Columbus Day
Valentines Day (yeah he was a person, not just cupid)
St. Patricks Day
For Canada I did some research but didn't find much
other then Victoria Day
a day actually named after a person
I figured, surely there must have been some trapper
or pioneer, Eskimo
who was worthy of a holiday
Other then these two
Bob and Doug McKenzie
I like these guys
So I had to start thinking who's out there 
that is worthy of a day
named after Them
surely worth celebrating
since I am now a country girl
And live around fields and fields of crops
how about JOHN DEERE
I don't think there's a farmer out there who wouldn't agree
He was the founder of Deere & Company
Wow, just think of all the equipment with his name on it
out there
John Deere (Feb 7, 1804 - May 17, 1886)
He invented this stuff a long time ago
He started out as a blacksmith in Rutland Vermont
and one day
hey, There has to be an easier way to do things
in these parts
We even wear his hats and t-shirts
Surely he deserves a celebrated day on his behalf
Then in the spirit of Elna like in the book
We could all have a parade
and drive our John Deere Equipment down the roads
and high five everyone
Or , again, since living in Canada
where would we be without SKATES
The oldest pair of skates known date back to about 3000 B.C., found at the bottom of a lake in Switzerland. The skates were made from the leg bones of large animals, holes were bored at each end of the bone and leather straps were used to tie the skates on. An old Dutch word for skate is "schenkel" which means "leg bone".
Around the 14th Century, the Dutch started using wooden platform skates with flat iron bottom runners. The skates were attached to the skater's shoes with leather straps. Poles were used to propel the skater. Around 1500, the Dutch added a narrow metal double edged blade, making the poles a thing of the past, as the skater could now push and glide with his feet (called the "Dutch Roll").
Now where would any good Canadian be
without their skates
HOCKEY ?????
I tell ya, they take their hockey Seriously around here
like scary seriously
and just think
Without skates, there would be no guys
in tight pants and sequined shirts
during the Olympic figure skating events
all that being said
this is a serious situation folks
we need more reasons to Celebrate
and have days off work at the very least
for a day a year
tell me
Celebrate the happiness that friends are always giving
make every day a holiday and celebrate
just living
And.....since I just lost 10 lbs
I think that calls for a PIZZA
maybe we need a holiday for the Pizza dude


Ann Marie said...

I think we need a "Robertson Family" holiday. One that we just relax.. and enjoy our family.

No stresses.

That's why I love the show. Soo un-stressful.

I love Holidays.. and Celebrating.

Thank you for calling me today.
I love you muchly!

Julie Harward said...

I'll vote for the pizza day...I wonder if there is an ice cream day, or a chocolate day, there should be! How about grandkids day?! The book sounds real cute! :)

the letter e said...

That's funny you mentioned T. Edison today. I have a class working on 'famous person' reports and one student said, "I'm doing Thomas Edison he made light!" Another student said, "No he didn't!!!! He discovered it."

I think grandkids day sounds good!

mCat said...

Pizza day 'nuff said!

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Hi Wendy, Kudos for losing 10 lbs. That takes dedication and will power.I AM so proud of you.

I also like your pick of John Deere to celebrate. He deserves recognition. He has lots of fans and I am one of them. He was my hero when the John Deere mower drove itself off the mountain with out my husband on it. I still loved old JD even when Bill had to pay $1500. to get it fixed. Bill is still alive and so is the John Deere tractor mower. I celebrate the John Deere too.

I would like to read that book. I am sure I would like it to.

Stay warm and have some pizza.
Love you, Jeanne

Mimi Sue said...

We definitely could use a holiday to celebrate the life of whoever came up with diet coke. It's what gets me going in the morning. :( Sad but true. Mimi

Jacqueline~Cabin and Cottage said...

Wow think of all the celebrations you could have through the year! But hey! You definitely deserve that pizza! I love Fanny Flagg and especially Fried Green Tomatoes!

Pondside said...

How about a Maple Syrup Day
or a Poutine Day
or a Voyageurs Day
or Courier de Bois Day
or a Sir John A MacDonald Day
or a Laura Secord Day
or a Touque Day
....I could go on and on!

dbs said...

I always like the way you think. My absolute favourite Canadian is Terry Fox. His birthday was July 28 but he started his marathon of hope on April 12. I think a holiday in April is perfect (in addition to Easter).

Saimi said...

Along the lines of what Julie said, I'd be happy with Grandparent day that includes grandkids, pizza, ice cream and chocolate!

Michele said...

I like John Deere day as well. Peter and I would both drive our John Deere Gators in the parade. Any time to celebrate and cheer will be great. Good job on loosing 10 pounds. I've lost 10 pounds too using the my fitness pal app on my I Pad. Keep it up. We'll both be skinnier by summer.

Michele said...

My, I need to change that pic of me. So don't look like that any more.

CB said...

Sir Chocolate Day! the end

Anonymous said...

Fun Fun Post -- I agree with you.. John Deere has made many farmers able to farm with more ease and faster. And all the big hugeness of tractors and equipment now days that bare his name -- that alone is like a celebrating of all he made happened for the future needs and hearing and seeing his name endlessly -- what an honor and legacy..
I don't know who else I would celebrate that I don't do already -- if they took away it all -- I would want to keep Mother's Day and Father's Day going and Grandparent day.. There is to many who go unnoticed for all the good they offer - those who selflessly help just because there is a need and do it often with out attention..

" Hit It......." said...

I agree with Mim Sue...Diet Coke Day. I would be celebrating. btw - had to laugh. I work for John Deere.:)

Charlene said...

I' not sure who my choice would be but, I say more days off is a good thing to vote for! CONGRATS on the 10 pounds! Enjoy that pizza. And as for the shingle shot you mentioned... Yep there is one but, unless you are over 60 it's very expensive. Like $400 I think the nurse said. Double OUCH! Have a great weekend.

Tina said...

Congrats on the 10 pounds! YIPPEEE!

I think the man who invented penicillin should have a day. Had to google it, but his name was Alexander Fleming.

As I read, (so love to read) I am so thankful that I live in these times of antibiotics. It is amazing how many people died of illnesses that today we think are nothing . . . . we just take a round of pills and we are good. But before penicillin, an illness could be a death sentence.

June said...

Well all us farmers know that 'nothing runs like a Deere' but I think he needed his head examined when he chose THAT color of green for his farm equipment. Seriously, whenever I one coming at me down the road I want to get a spray can out. But if I were truthful and you pulled into my driveway...what would you see? Yes, a John Deere tractor. Only because my father-in -law gave it to us though. I'm a Massey-Ferguson girl myself. Now that's the color farm equipment should be--red!

and speaking of red...I think Lucille Ball deserves a national holiday!
sending hugs....

Diane said...

I am thinking Terry Fox. I admired what you achieved and how we recognize to this day. A true Canadian hero.

Anonymous said...

Every day should be a holiday - just think of the fun we'd have! These came to mind - John Muir Day, Kermit the Frog Day, Mother Teresa Day, and Rachel Carson Day.

Fun post, Wendy. I'll be right over for pizza just as soon as I finish my yoga exercises. :)


DesertHen said...

I'm in total agreement with you on John Deere...since I'm married to a farmer and all and we! I also agree about the pizza dude...that guy should get an entire holiday week! Love the stuff! Then let's have a "Robertson Family" holiday! What a fun day that would be!

Seriously though, this is a great post! There have been so many great people out there, doing wonderful thing, past, present and future and I think they all deserve a holiday!

Anonymous said...
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Abbey Crafton said...

Great post! and...congratulations on your weight loss...I am still working on mine...
of the Abbey

GardenofDaisies said...

I think the people here in KS might agree with your idea for a John Deere Day! ;-) That sounds like a fun book, I'll have to look for it.

Roslyn said...

As a quilter I vote for the guys who invented the sewing machine!
Elias Howe was the first in 1846, but Isaac Singer & Allen Wilson were hot on his heels so the original patent was for all three.

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good morning Wendy, I have been thinking of all the sweet sista Summer Breeze girls. The camaraderie between us is very special.Blogging has been the instrument that brought us together. Amazing, in my opinion. Then we have the Circle Journal bunch and without actually meeting all of the girls, there is a common bond. I have not been visiting as much and I am trying to do better. I love it when I see your comments on my posts. Claudie has all but stopped blogging. I miss her comments and all the other girls as well. FB has been a good way to keep in touch and it is quicker but I will keep on with blogging. Your posts are always a delight. So here I am reading your post again and enjoying it all over again. Smile.
Stay warm and hope for warmer weather and Spring in the summer. HA!

Love you bunches,

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
H.K. said...

I loved Flagg's Fried Green Tomatoes! That is one of my favorite books, read it a long time ago and it's time I re-read it again.

If there was to be a holiday, it would be "Spanx Day". I sometimes forget to bring my scriptures to church, but I never forget to wear my spanx- never wear a dress without it!

Michelle Lunt said...

Hi Wendy, My holiday would be a "Dumb Blonde Day". A kind of sympathetic celebration for those of us who . . . ahem . . . are not always the sharpest knife in the drawer!

Warmly, Michelle

Sherri B. said...

Congratulations on your 10 lb. loss! I always take these type of questions so serious that now, I can't think of who deserves a day..Now I will be thinking about it all of the time.

Just this afternoon I hurried into the little book shop that is in the Library, they sell used books for great prices, and I saw "Can't Wait to get to Heaven". I wondered what it was about. Now, thanks to you I will go back and see if it is still there..sounds like a sweet book. xo

koralee said...

Tee hee are so cute husband would agree on the skates/hockey holiday for sure. Hope you are very well my friend. xoxo

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