Monday, February 25, 2013


That's what my daughter says when someone has a bad attitude
That's just stinking thinking

Which is kinda where I found myself Saturday
Mr. Gorgeous WANTED BADLY to go to a Cutter Rally
and I wasn't "getting into it"
Hey...I'm not about cold weather activities 

but I decided to put my big girl panties on
and participate with him

So we headed out early Saturday morning
to travel almost 2 hours north/west of our place
to hang out with other
Cutter Rally..Cold Weather enthusiasts. 

I dressed up warm 
and we packed a little lunch
and met up with a whole bunch of other cutter rally fans

(photo courtesy of facebook page for this rally)

Lots and Lots of horse trailers, trucks, horses, mules 
and bundled up folks  

 (my photo)

The organizers did a good job of plowing out lanes for everyone
to park
Good turn out
you can imagine all these farmer/cowboys
gathered around
checking out each others gear and animals 
nice team of horses ya got there 

I thought my husband was crazy to want to go
to all that work of
packing up the gear
getting the horses in
traveling there
harnessing them up
just to Undo all the gear at the end
and put it all away  
he calls it a labor of love
I call him crazy

  (my photo)

 (my photo)

Mr. Gorgeous left the sleigh out ALL last summer, fall 
and this winter
so it is in need of a paint job.

He says it is a great social activity for the horses
Hmmmm. Did you ask them
Maybe they are a little miffed at having to work that hard??

As soon as we were all hitched up
the somewhat warm sunny weather
got cloudy and a little windy
Gall dern it

    (photo courtesy of facebook page for this rally)
 Some kids had their toboggans
tied to the back of their parents sleighs
and got pulled behind it......would be kinda fun for the kiddies
   (photo courtesy of facebook page)

Gosh, I sure wish my grandkids lived close enough
for us to do that with them 


Cool looking MULES !

So out we head, and I am starting to "get into it"
Every now and then our horses would
act up a little
and I was WHOA NELLY !!!

About 1/2 way along the trip
they had a station at some farmers property
where you could get some refreshments
a hot dog....BOILED WIENER
(never will I eat a boiled wiener)
 hot chocolate/coffee
that sort of thing

(courtesy of facebook page)

Hitched up while humans went in for there
sick boiled wiener

 (my photo)

 This was a cute little unit 
and he even has a stove inside it...if you look at the front
you can see smoke coming out of it
 (my photo)
FIVE STAR facilities  

So after this little stop
we headed out again

Things were going rather smoothly 
when all of a sudden there was a potato chip bag
left on the trail

Well, our team of little house on the prairie horses
turned into little horse of horrors

They FREAKED out over this stupid bag
and it was RODEO time
I didn't know whether to jump off
or hang on tight
and hope I had all my body parts still preserved 

But thanks to hubby
he got them under control and back on the trail
He told me he had total control of the situation    

I told him he was close to having to drive me back
to those Five Star Facilities.

   (my is hard to take photos when your bouncing around)   

That line you see across the photo
is the whip hubby uses incase they need a little coaxing
hells bells, they didn't need any coaxing

and I kept getting whacked across the face with it

This was about an 8 mile treck
through fields

 (courtesy photo)

and trees

  ( my photo)

As we were pulling up into the homestretch
a fellow stopped us and asked if he could take our picture
He was from the local newspaper and wants to put our picture in it
as OUR sleigh was impressive he said....different from the others   
(and here I was looking like I took a long dip in the ugly pond) 

We all gathered in the community hall 

 (my photo)


An interesting bunch of folks
There were some handlebar mustaches there
I could have done pull ups on

It was called a Poker Rally
and at the beginning
and at the rest stop area
and the end
you'd draw some chips out of a barrel with numbers on them
and put that number or your card
Prizes given out for highest hand, lowest.....etc


As it turned out, MY HAND took fifth place
and I won $24.00



We all got a ribbon for Participating
I'll have to make a ribbon, picture board
and put it in the arena I think 


Hubby putting the horses and gear away
After about a three hour treck, I was pooped
and I really didn't have to do the WORK
I think my near death experience took it's toll on me (tee,hee)  

So all in all
I have to admit
and need to stop my stinking thinking 

Monday, February 4, 2013


not the book of Love
cause whoever wrote THAT book  was messed up
No one can write a book about love really
you learn it, feel it, grow with it
through your own lifes journey

(to quote Uncle Si from Duck Dynasty)
that's not even what this post is about.

I love books
LOVE !!!! books
I like to look at them, feel them, hold them on my lap

that's why I'm kinda not sure about the whole Kindle thing
(although everyone swears by it)
to's kinda like buying a blow up doll
Not. The. Real. Thing. 

I am not a very domestic chick
I don't sew, crochet, cooking is "ify"
heaven forbid I am a moron when it comes to crafts
and creating anything


Ernest Hemingway said: "there is no friend as loyal as a book"
I kinda like the look of books scattered around the house
in a neat dis-orderly fashion
if that makes sense

 Here are a few examples of some 
of the books lying around my place

 (don't mind Lucy's bed there in the back)

(hmmmm, kinda blurry)

(that's my daddy, when he was in the fire department, Captain)

 oh.....and a son and his wife

For those of you who have been following my blog
for sometime now
KNOW I have .... I CORRECT
Mr. Gorgeous has this HUGE arena on our property
in there I have about 3 boxes stuffed with books 
that I need to get to

Me and God have an arrangement you see
I can't die until I read ALL MY BOOKS
that includes the books on my "too read list"
I am going to be VERY OLD

Or plan B
HE has to let me take them with me 

When I read my books I tab parts that I really like
then when I'm finished, I write them all down
in my little book
WHY???......cause I love to go back and re-read those quotes
and think about them

 I think it helps me learn
how to write better
how to express myself better

beautifully written words from amazing authors like:

.....kisses that ran together like a string of pearls
(Cold Sassy Tree..Olive Burns)
....  in a long and unprotected life I have seen and heard
vomitings of demonic humans (Travels With Charley..John Steinbeck)

....and the colors was like milk so soft and warm and
pouring over and into each other. (Gap Creek..Robert Morgan)


Every now and then I try and read one of the Classics
just so I can say I DID

Mark Twain said: "a classic is a book which people praise 
and don't read"  

Cornelia Funk :  "some books should be tasted, 
some devoured,  but only a few should be chewed and
digested thoroughly

C.S. Lewis said: "you can never get a cup of tea large enough
or a book long enough to suit me"

So.............while all you clever gals and or guys
out there
are being creative with your hands
and are incredibly artsy
and some of you I know actually WRITE YOUR OWN BOOKS

I'll just tuck my feet under me
and read
and PRETEND I know stuff

  and p.s.
if you want to extend my lifes longevity
tell me a couple of YOUR favorite books