Wednesday, December 1, 2010


It's cold.
The weather.
Because I have a big hole in my heart. My children have been my poultice these last couple of weeks. We have all gathered around and done all we can to try and become warm.
Not because of the weather
But because we have a hole in our heart.

I 'm heading back home tomorrow. Back to those country, snowy roads. It will take all winter I am sure to feel warm again.
Not because it's cold outside.

Monday, November 22, 2010


MATTHEW PURNELL DOMAN (January 30, 1975 - November 11, 2010)

As many of you know, my son passed away recently. It was a blow to the whole family. A pain and loss that will take years to subside.

I thought I would post a little about this great son of mine. Matt lived life in OVERDRIVE. I wish sometimes he would have set a "cruise control" and not been so hard on himself, expect so much from himself, let life settle around him a little more.

A perfectionist, an achiever, an athlete, loved family and friend get togethers, a BBQ King, a tease, always with a hug to be offered.

Matthew had his own demons and dragons in life to fight. He struggled many years with alcohol and drugs. Details of those battles are not necessary for YOU, but know he tried very hard to be the conqueror of that fight. Was not to be. His body finally surrendered.

I am comforted only to know that battle is over. He is at peace. He can rest now......time to turn off the overdrive and cruise.

Here is a photo of his wonderful children. They are so dear. Their dad was their super hero

Matt and his wife Rena.

Matt and his daughter. He was her Prince.

We are all football fans..........Matt played football in highschool, went on to play college ball on scholarship. We are great fans of the Brigham Young University football team.
Matt with his son ....ready for a game.

Matt and two of his brothers, son and nephew. (Matt on the left)

Matt with his brothers a couple of Christmas's ago. (Matt in middle)

Me and Matt.
(sorry some of these photos are so small, I am not home and having to pull these off facebook) As of yet I haven't located available photos of Matt and his only sister, Emma. Like I said, I am digging around.

Matt always had a BIG BONFIRE at the close of Christmas season, burning the trees in his backyard firepit.
Everything Matt did had to be GRAND and OVER THE TOP.

Matthew IS grand and over the top. Matt is my son. I wish I could cradle him in my arms .
But for now, I will leave him in the arms of his Savior.
Love you Matt.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can't breath right now

How does one breath.........when you CAN'T
My second son, Matthew Purnell Doman, was found dead in his apartment this morning. I am on my way to Utah.
The world should stop right now.