Friday, September 2, 2011


Oh Blessed Summertime.

I wait and wait all winter long for the gifts of Summer, then Wham, it is gone. Faster then you can spit Watermelon Seeds.

This is the last writing, I will have of my summer activities. 

I hope you will bear with me through these photos........cause YOU just think they are photos.
Not so my dear blogger friends
These are not mere photos, but Relationships, Love, Bonding, Roots.

My daughter and her 2 girls, came from Salt Lake City to visit me for about 10 days.
They got to stay in the New Cabin we just bought
A Cabin waiting to be filled with memories and mischief.
So say Howdy.

We only got this cabin about a week before they arrived, so it is in it's Virgin stages.
give me some time to spruce it up.
What do you do with two spunky grandaughters during a visit to the Country  have wiener roasts of course.
And, it would be interesting to know if your marshmallow roasts turn out like THIS
My sister and Loo-Dog (that's her nickname)
thought they'd get creative with theirs

Then you better go swimming at the creek to wash all that goo off.
This creek is historic
in my life
I have swam in it since I could walk, and hunted drift wood along it's shores to smoke
(another story)
There is a rope on the rock wall that the kids love to hang onto and jump into the water.

Or how about a nice lazy ride down the river.

Mom caught a Frog.  Holy freaking city girl, I couldn't believe she grabbed onto that slimy thing.
But her response is, It's a Mothers Duty. guess I fell short on that duty, I ain't touching no frog.

forget snow angels, it's summertime
besides, young'uns don't seem to mind a little sand in the crotch

Forget the mega bucks you spend at the spa for mud treatments.
Here, it's free
besides young'uns don't seem to mind a little mud in their crotch

Can't come visit me without going to
Loo-Dog lives for this treat
She picks out her outfit months in advance
and was a little miffed with her mom for forgetting her cowgirl earrings.
Of course grandma has to join in and do a little two-stepping.

I know, you don't have to say it, I look pretty pathetic trying to shake my booty
But I did it for my Grandaughter ---OK, get over it.

Welcome to the Naughty Pit.  Any misbehaving and you could end up down there.
and there are spiders, and creepy crawlies
and pit monsters.

(seems pretty effective)
actually it was my grandma's old root cellar.  I can't believe she'd go down there for her canned goods and spuds and homemade rootbeer.

Went for a Trail Ride. 
Aren't those Rocky Mountains beautiful.

After it was all over, I turned around and there was Loo-Dog, doing her own dismount
On the wrong side of the horse.
I see rodeo queen written all over this gal.

This is at Waterton National Park. 
It is amazingly beautiful there if you are looking for a vacation adventure.
There was a sign that said
Stay Away from Bears.

phoooey...sign, schmine.

ok, so it's not a real bear.

We are very creative.
I heart my family.

Red Rock Canyon
It is so fun to hike around there
and the water is COLD


The gals wanted to go on a canoe ride, or the water paddle boats
I put a nix-nay on that
Grandma isn't looking to have a stroke today, with all that exerted effort, rowing and paddling.

Can't come visit me without going on a hike
OK, so I did consent to walking and heavy breathing.

I LOVE this mountain
It is called Old Chief
it is actually in Montana....that is how close my folks live to the boarder

FYI....I have climbed the back side of this mountain and stood on the very top
which is only about 5 feet across. 
another story for another post

I really like this photo of Grace-Lace

Hay ----how are  ya

ok that was cheesy.

Mr Gorgeous was excited to take them on a Wagon Ride.
Roll'en, Roll'en Roll'en......Rawhide.

So there you have it
another Summer packed full of memories

I heard this saying once,
if you don't know where you came from, how will you know where you are going.
Roots are important
Families are Forever.

Closing the gate for now
Ya'll come back now, ya hear.

(excuse me, grandma has to slip into a corner now and cry a little)