Monday, August 26, 2013


I read once "time is an odd ungraspable thing"
I basically have taken a little break from blogging
needed to step away for a bit
Has been a difficult summer in many ways
Ever since my mom died, things have felt "off kilter"
Hubby and I have been extremely busy working/landscaping some of our property
My daughter and her 2 little girls came to visit for 10 days
It was good medicine
I feel like it has been too long since a visit
to see the kids
and gosh on JULY 4th
I got a new grandbaby

and this coming weekend
I FINALLY get to meet him, hold him, love on him
going to Utah for family time
It was kinda funny as until my son and his wife selected his name
they called him CAPTAIN AMERICA
but he is LEON MATTHEW
and how I love the name
Leon is my father and grandfathers name
and Matthew, after my son who passed away
and is daddy's brother
 this is my daddy looking at new baby on his computer..Great Grandpa for little Leon
He was pretty thrilled.
 so, summer is coming to an end, way to quickly
I'll probably settle in to blogging again
and wondering
what do I want to share with all of you
what is interesting to YOU
Fall and winter will wrap it's chilly, lonely arms
around me
and I'll be needing to reach out
and sometimes blogging helps with that.