Saturday, December 8, 2012

It's ALL about the "..TUDE"

Why should that be such a big deal
well, it just is. For me anyway
I have really been pulling myself together as of late
has it been easy....HELL NO
(to put it bluntly)
But I have had some shifts in life and I think it will open new doors
for me
Time to live a guilt free me
so.................if you are on this road with me, it will be bumpy
I am NOT so optimistic to think it won't be hard
but I am more positive
so What about Turkmas
IT WAS GREAT, and the balm my soul needed
Years ago, well 2006 actually
my son Matthew who was hosting thanksgiving
bought a table cloth that we each signed
It is so fun to see what everyone wrote over the years
as it turned out, this is a precious memory
It has turned out to be a great, treasured family tradition.
I was so lucky, as this November in Utah was WARM
and I was loving every minute of it...not coats, hardly a sweater
We got a few pictures of course, well who am I kidding
we got LOTS of pictures
 here is me with 3 of my 5 kids
One son not able to make the trip from Reno
and one in heaven
It seems to be getting harder and harder to get a photo
with all of us together
and...GOOD NEWS ....the son in Reno...he and his wife are expecting
their 3rd baby
in July
Merry Christmas TO ME !!!
Here is a grandaughter who always speaks up for the
Turkey leg
(funny, but she used to always call a drumstick, chicken on a leg)
I helped another son put up their Christmas Lights on the house
Well, Actually, I just supervised.
I don't climb up onto roofs
I left that up to my DIL and grandson
even my son doesn't climb up anymore
since his last Clark Griswald incident
 After a wonderful ten days with my family
I got off the plane to COLD...brrrrr
this is what my yard looked like
I have my very own "flocked trees"
And that's when I dig deep and say
attitude wendy, attitude
(I told you it wasn't going to be easy)
my porch
Holy Christmas Tinsel and Frozen Jingle Bells
or reindeer balls
But all is well
I got the tree up
Matthews stocking is hung on the banister with care
I made this for him when he was only 3, and his wife gave it to me
I was so happy he had hung on to it
So soon, before we know it
Christmas day will be here
so much going on for all of us I am SURE
and If I could send you all a hug
and a Christmas card
'cause they are just tooooo cool