Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hey everyone
not much to report at the moment
but I KNOW I have some smart bloggers out there
so I need some advice
This little cushion used to be on my moms bed
but you can see it has this little water stain
does ANYONE know how I can remove it??
I have it on my bed
(cool headboard don't ya is from the diamond willows right on our yard)
Since moms passing
I have taken a few things from the house to have around here
I like looking at them
and enjoying the sweet memories it gives me of MOM
(a good photographer would have moved the tractor outside the window)
I love moms big white Pitcher full of white Lilacs
a few more of her special dishes I've stuck in the hutch
*the tatting is done by my sister*
(a good photographer would have removed the orange ear plugs)
and more tatting by my sis
This little green decorative perfume jar that was on moms dresser
and then lastly
Mom had this on her hutch
I named this stuffed chicken Nonie as that was my moms nickname
and she passed away in May
******** disclaimer********
yes I know I have lived in this house now for 4 years
and have NOT
done anything with my steps going upstairs
I am sooooo undecided of how I want to do it
back to your advice, about the water stain

Sunday, June 2, 2013


Good , Better, Best
Never let it Rest
'Till the Good is Better
and the Better
That is what my mother always told me.
Everything she did in life... and her accomplishments were many
she did her very BEST
now MOM is gone
She died May 21st at 2:15 in the morning
I will make this
a short tribute to my mom
She was only 81, but has been cursed with ill health nearly her whole life
about 20 years ago she had a tumor removed from her head
and it changed everything about her
in regards to her abilities
and her Zest for life
she became a recluse after that
as she didn't like the physical damage it did to her
then she developed tumors in her stomach
She used to oil paint, sold her paintings in Waterton
National Park
owned and ran a gift store in Calgary
ribbon winning quilter
directed plays
wrote endless historical books of our family history
(I could go on and on into her earlier years as an athlete)
Now she is Gone
Seems so hard to believe.
as sad and heartbreaking as it is
it is an answer to prayer
she fell just 3 days before and broke her hip
her death came as complications from that surgery
ME, my SISTER, and my AUNT
sat by her bedside
held her hand, sang to her
and watched her take her last breath
An extremely sacred experience as far as I'm concerned
she just went through another door
to those waiting on the other side for her
I am excited to think my son who died 2 1/2 years ago
must have been hugging and kissing her
I remember in the hospital, during some of her delerium
she'd say
"I just want mom and dad to come and get me"
I think they did.
Mom pretty much had told my sister (her care giver)
how she wanted her funeral to go
Just a graveside service
Well, wouldn't ya know it was pouring rain
She always loved the wild flowers of Alberta
and so we went into the foothills of the mountains
and gathered up a bunch of Glacier Lilies

me, my aunt and sister in law
had to tie my hair back and put on a hat
my sister, my aunt and me
placing the flowers on her casket

who would have thought I'd be wearing jeans and gum boots to my mom's funeral

My poor dad has been having a hard time with it all

dad and my sister
He just wants to Die now too

I love this little country cemetary
where some day I will also be

I have ancestors back to my Great Great Grandparents who are there
all the way up to now, my mom
my brother's little boy is buried there as well

I surely will miss my mom
It's a hard thing
a hard thing for those of us still here on earth

 my sister, dad, my brother and me at a little luncheon after the graveside
feeling kind of chilled from all the cold and rain

take care of Matt for me
and God Be With You 'Till We Meet Again

p.s. sorry I haven't visited your blogs lately
I have been back and forth helping my sister
and now I have tons of stuff needing taking care of on our property
may take a bit of a break