Wednesday, June 12, 2013


Hey everyone
not much to report at the moment
but I KNOW I have some smart bloggers out there
so I need some advice
This little cushion used to be on my moms bed
but you can see it has this little water stain
does ANYONE know how I can remove it??
I have it on my bed
(cool headboard don't ya is from the diamond willows right on our yard)
Since moms passing
I have taken a few things from the house to have around here
I like looking at them
and enjoying the sweet memories it gives me of MOM
(a good photographer would have moved the tractor outside the window)
I love moms big white Pitcher full of white Lilacs
a few more of her special dishes I've stuck in the hutch
*the tatting is done by my sister*
(a good photographer would have removed the orange ear plugs)
and more tatting by my sis
This little green decorative perfume jar that was on moms dresser
and then lastly
Mom had this on her hutch
I named this stuffed chicken Nonie as that was my moms nickname
and she passed away in May
******** disclaimer********
yes I know I have lived in this house now for 4 years
and have NOT
done anything with my steps going upstairs
I am sooooo undecided of how I want to do it
back to your advice, about the water stain


Saimi said...

Ok so get the stain wet, iron it, rub some Borax on it then take a damp cloth dipped in vinegar and rub on stain. I took the liberties and just googled it so I don't know first hand if it actually works-good luck!!

"Alone again.... naturally!" said...

I just took out a coffee stain with 3% Hydrogen peroxide from a white jacket and I had tried everything on it and nothing but that worked! It is also a natural product as well. Hope you have some luck with it. Cathy

Andrea W said...

I'm not sure. If it was ketchup on carpet, I'd have advice though!

I like the tractor in the background, it just means you live a real life ;)

Sherri B. said...

I always use OxiClean for things like this..I am not an expert though.

If you can take it off of the pillow then I would fill a bowl with warm water, just to dissolve maybe a 1/4 cup of the Oxi and then put the pillow cover in and swish it around until it is all submerged then I would leave it in for about 20 minutes and see how it looks then I would launder as usual.

Oh, and this all depends on it being a material that can handle this cleaning.

I do hope someone else comments who absolutely knows for sure how to do this.

Please let us know how it turns out. xo

mCat said...

Ann Marie HAS to know - she is the guru when it comes to stuff like this.
Fun for you to have things of your moms

Daphne Bryson said...

Good Morning Wendy, Oh, it is always hard to give advice, especially with something as precious as your mother's cushion, but if the cushion were mine, I would take it apart and soak the watermarked piece in warm water and a gentle washing powder, nothing too harsh as you could ruin the piece. I often find this works.
Alternatively, you could live with the watermark and see it as part of the age of the cushion.
Wendy, I have enjoyed my visit and I have become a new follower. I look forward to getting to know you.
I would like to invite you to visit me at Ivy, Phyllis and Me! when you have the time, as you will be made most welcome.
Best Wishes to you,

Daphne Bryson said...

Hello Wendy, It is me again! I have tried to follow you, but I cannot find a link.
Could you let me know how to follow you, my email is
Best Wishes

Becky said...

I don't have an answers but just ahd to comment ... What some very very special treasures.

Lesa said...

I love that china! Love it!

dbs said...

I'll ask my wife for you. But in case she doesn't know...those are great treasures. When my Dad died I wanted his wallet but I chickened out and didn't ask for it so then I wanted the badger brush from his shaving kit. It was still standing on the shelf in his bathroom but I chickened out and didn't ask for it. I'm didn't chicken even got the chicken!

Mimi Sue said...

I say if it doesn't come out just tea dye the whole thing and you won't be able to see the stain. So great to have some of your mom's pretty things. Mimi

" Hit It......." said...

Try a Tide stain pen on it. It should soak up the stain and you won't have to wash it.

With all of the advice; tell us which one worked.

Welcome to the Garden of Egan said...

Leave the stain.
She put it there, keep it.

I love all of the little treasures you've acquired.

June said...

A good photographer would have taken a picture of the whole tractor my husband would say :)
OMG---I thought that chicken was alive and sitting in your house Wendy, too funny. I love pretty little Nonnie.
Sorry I can't help you with the pillow but it looks like there are some much smarter bloggers that have already commented and I think I learned something.
I DO love that headboard!!!
sending love...

camp and cottage living said...

First, I want to say I'm sorry for you for the loss of your Mom.
I just lost my Mom in FEB And ,like you, I love to have her
things out where I can see them and remember what a great Mom she was.
I'm sorry I don't know how to get rid of the stain.
You have taken your Mom's possessions and displayed them beautifully!

Shelia said...

Hi pretty Wendy! Oh, what lovely things of your mom's to enjoy! Love all of your pictures and they just say you're a 'real' kind of gal! :) About the stain - I'm not sure. I've even heard you can lay it out on the grass in the sunshine and it will come out. I've never tried it because I was afraid a bird would poop on it! ;)
Be a sweetie,
Shelia ;)

Anonymous said...

Good ideas about the 3% Hydrogen peroxide.. but it would be hard to try it on something of you of your Mom's since she can't replace it for you.. gee take a deep breath and try it in on small area first if you can..
You made me laugh with the tractor and the ear plugs.. I have had them both in the way of many photos.
LOVE that white pitcher

Tina said...

What a lovely post....No advice on the stain, sorry....and LOVE LOVE LOVE the tatting. I hope your sister is teaching others this lost art. I'd be her pupil if I lived near to her!!!!

jeanne, backyard neighbor said...

Good morning Wendy, Wow, it has been a while since I have visited. I seem to go to bed one night and all of a sudden it is a week later. Yikes.Never a dull moment around this place. HA!

My advice about the stain is exactly what your first comment said. Use some water and make a paste out of the borax, then apply it and let it stand overnight. White vinegar with half water is also good. Maybe do that first. I use that for all kinds of stains. A professional cleaner told me to use the vinegar thing with all stains before you apply any other cleaner. It helps not to set the stain. I have tested it and it works. Now, all this advice so long after you posted this is probably too late. Sigh!

Your mom's treasures are so pretty. The perfume bottle is awesome. I have things from my mom all over my house. It is a wonderful memory that makes me miss her a bit less.

We are leaving tomorrow for camping with our kids for a week. No computer service there. So I will be back to visit after a small blog break.

Sending you wishes for a great week.

tammy said...

I love your little keepsakes.

I don't know if you've tried any of the advice yet. I've heard hydrogen peroxide works well. I've also used lemon juice and then placed the item in the sun to get rid of stains on whites. Of course, you have to have sun...

Teacup Mosaics said...

Loving your keepsakes, I keep my special keepsakes near to me so I can enjoy them every day. I actually have a needlepoint that my grandmother never finished but that is OK It has a story to tell. I hope all your summer is going well, I hope you take time and take care of you!

Alycia said...

This is cool!

Michelle Lunt said...

Sorry, I don't know anything about the stain. Have you thought about taking it to the dry cleaners? But I did want to say how much I love your bed & the lovely things you've saved from your Mother. And you have them displayed so beautifully too!

Warmly, Michelle